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9/11 Victims’ Families Still Waiting for Justice


Catherine Herridge of Fox News reports: Two years ago this month, President Obama met with the families of Sept. 11 victims and other victims of terrorism at a special meeting in Washington, D.C., and promised “swift and certain justice” for the perpetrators. But the high expectations of that meeting have given way to frustration...
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Cancelled: Mayor Bloomberg promoting Ground Zero mosque with public funds?


Updated, March 3: Event cancelled due to “too many” people wanting to attend, meaning protestors wanting to attend. The producer says they will relocate but will not say if the Cordoba Initiative will remain a sponsor. See reports here and here. No one has reported on the Mayor’s office using public funds to promote...
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Sharia Islam has France headed towards civil war


With 751 “no-go” zones, France is headed towards civil war, non-Muslims against those wishing to impose sharia Islam. Watch the video.
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Liberty Alliance open letter to President Obama; we ask America to stand with us as opposed to an ‘Islamic state in America’


For Immediate Release Contact: Andy Sullivan, Liberty Rocks or Dave Reaboi (202) 431-1948 American Leaders Confront Call by British Jihadist Cleric for a Muslim “Revolution”; Imam Reportedly Arriving in Washington to Urge Establishment of Shariah Law in America Washington, D.C., February 24, 2011 — A coalition of American groups and leaders are...
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They Don’t Remember, But Will Never Forget


Fox News reports: For so many Americans, Sept. 11, 2001, is a day forever seared in their memories. However, many others hardly remember it, because they were so young. Children who were sent home from school that Tuesday morning, but didn’t really understand why, are now becoming adults. They’re graduating high school and getting...
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Rep King hearings on radical Islam draw rival protests


Pro-national security groups peacefully confronted Leftists and pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters on Long Island yesterday outside of House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King’s congressional district office. The rally was to show support for King’s plan to conduct Congressional hearings on March 8 over the rise of radicalization within America’s Muslim community. A spokesperson for...
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