Rep King hearings on radical Islam draw rival protests

February 23, 2011

Supporters of Congressional hearings on the radicalization within America's Muslim community matched or outnumbered anti-King protesters on Long Island on February 22, 2011.

Pro-national security groups peacefully confronted Leftists and pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters on Long Island yesterday outside of House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King’s congressional district office. The rally was to show support for King’s plan to conduct Congressional hearings on March 8 over the rise of radicalization within America’s Muslim community. A spokesperson for the Liberty Alliance stated:

“Led by Rabbi Aryeh Spero of Caucus For America, who offered a prayer for Congressman King and for the Homeland Security of the United States, Tim Brown of Liberty Rocks, Andy Sullivan of Blue Collar Corner, Stuart Kaufman of Alliance for Interfaith Resistance, Irene Alter of Center for Policy Research in American Education, Bhupinder Bhurji of the Naamdari Sikh Foundation, representatives from the Hindu community and of the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam, the Nassau County Tea Party, other tea party activists, and dozens of other patriotic Americans, the Liberty Alliance and other demonstrators stood up against a crowd of Islamist anti-King protesters and their sympathizers who had gathered to bash the Congressman and his upcoming Congressional Homeland Security Hearings.

“The anti-King demonstrators, organized by a hard leftist endorser of the Ground Zero Mosque, disparaged the Congressman’s efforts, labeling Rep. King a “bigot” and “Islamophobic” for holding Congressional hearings into radicalization within American Muslim communities.”

CBS TV New York has this video report:

Press reports, eyewitnesses, and photographic evidence all indicate that pro-King supporters matched or outnumbered the anti-King protesters.

Code Pink, peace activists, and members of protested Congressman Peter King's plan to conduct Congressional hearings on the radicalization within America's Muslim community. is a consortium of Obama and sharia law supporters that infiltrated CPAC 2011 by describing themselves as 'conservatives.'

The spokesperson added:

“The Liberty Alliance will also be on hand to stand up against Imam Shamsi Ali’s upcoming March 6th rally against King and the Homeland Security hearings, and invites anti-Jihad leaders and patriots from across America to join us in Times Square on that day”

In addition, American patriots will take to the streets to counter a March 3 Islamic extremist-led protest outside the White House.

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