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Taste The Madness

Occupy Oakland October 19, 2011

October 20, 2011 – San Francisco, CA – – Often missing from the discussion regarding the nascent “Occupy Wall Street” movement is its core ideology. This happens far more in the legacy media than in the alternative press because the former is dominated by the left and the latter tends to be...
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Rep King hearings on radical Islam draw rival protests


Pro-national security groups peacefully confronted Leftists and pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters on Long Island yesterday outside of House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King’s congressional district office. The rally was to show support for King’s plan to conduct Congressional hearings on March 8 over the rise of radicalization within America’s Muslim community. A spokesperson for...
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Orange County protesters rally at Islamic fundraiser


KABC (ABC 7 TV in Yorba Linda, CA) reports: Hundreds protested in Orange County on Sunday night, accusing speakers at an Islamic fundraiser of being radical Muslims. “You’re messing with Americans now. We’re not England, we’re not British, we’re Americans,” one protester yelled. The protesters are upset over the speakers who headlined an event...
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